The Apple TV for your centralized home theater network?

By | November 22, 2012

With the new iOS 6 operating system having been brought out earlier this year for all Apple iOS products, a new update has also been released for Apple TV and there are some great new features to be found. If you are still deciding on whether an Apple TV will provide you with a viable home theater network, here are just a few of the great features that it will add to your viewing experience:


Apple is known for its design qualities and the physical properties of Apple TV do not disappoint in this area. It is a stylish and well designed tiny black box that fits on the palm of your hand, so it can snugly sit on TV stands. It is also whisper quiet when its turned on.


Apple TV is essentially a streaming box. It allows you to stream all your content from your iTunes account on to your television screen. As most people buy all their media content from the Internet, it can be a hassle to have to watch your high definition films and TV shows on your computer screen. Sometimes you just want to relax on the couch and enjoy your widescreen TV. You can stream Directly from your iOS device using a little black box that will fit on even the most cluttered of TV stands.  With the new update, you can now use Apple Showtimes; as well as watching film trailers, you can easily access your local movie theater’s listings, so you don’t miss your favorite movies on the big screen. As this is a streaming device, it will never run out of space like a hard-drive storage device.

Shared Apple IDs

One important feature added in the new update is the ability to use different Apple IDs with Apple TV. This allows everyone in the home who has an Apple ID with their own media content and iCloud content to access it through the television. Now everyone in the home can access their own respective purchase history, sharing the movies and media that they want to share.

Photo Streams

The whole family can now also share their favorite photos on the television. SO if you’ve been using your iPod or iPhone to take your holiday pictures, they can be automatically shared between all your Apple devices via iCloud. With the new update you select the albums you want to share with the rest of the family through Apple TV.  Apple TV is becoming a great way of centralizing the whole family’s entertainment through one television screen. With one tiny black box that is guaranteed to fit on the busiest of TV stands, the whole family can share their favorite movies, music and photos from their iCloud accounts. If you already have an iTunes account, an Apple TV will definitely be a worthy addition to your home theater network.

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