Phase I complete…I have power.

By | July 5, 2010

Hope everyone had a great 4th!

I didn’t know I had today off and actually went in this morning.  I got sent home and got to complete phase I of my little bedroom project.  On the way home, I stopped at Lowe’s and picked up an electrical junction box, some wiring and parts for a new electrical box that will be needed in my closet, since it doesn’t have an outlet.

After an hour of splicing and whatnot, I know have the necessary 20A outlet for my HTPC equipment.  I’m already using it for a surge protector in my attic that powers a distribution switch.  I’ll also use it to power the TV when the time comes.  Don’t mind the coin wrappers…it is the top shelf of a closet afterall :)

I also found a 25ft HDMI cable that I forgot I had (black cable in the image above), so I will be sending the HDMI-over-CAT6 wall plates back.  I went ahead and drilled the necessary 1″ hole for that and dropped it down through the wall.  Once the wall mount comes in, I’ll fish it out and run the power and speaker wires.  My HTPC and receiver will find a home in the built-in closet shelving.  It’s not as deep as I’d like, but it will work.  At the very least, it will be out of the way and quiet.  There’s a vent in that closet, so the components will be much cooler than they are now.

This is how things are right now, for comparison’s sake.  You can see some of the wear-and-tear that media cabinet has if you look closely.  Aside from that, it just takes up way too much room.

My MonoPrice order is supposed to arrive on Wednesday.  Of that, I’ll be sending back the HDMI-over-Ethernet wall plates I mentioned, but I’ll also be sending back the wireless IR relay system I bought. had a sale on a Xantech IR receiver that I had looked at before, so I decided to snatch that up and do a hard-wired relay system.  The Hidden Link receiver is LCD and CFL interference proof, so I’m pretty certain it will be much more reliable.  That shipment is scheduled for delivery next Saturday, so we’ll see.  That would be just in time if it does… (the delivery date has since been updated for Thursday – yay!).

2 thoughts on “Phase I complete…I have power.

  1. Sinjen

    Bah, it’s a shame you ditched the HDMI over ethernet solution :) I was very interested in how that worked out for you.

    It’s amazing how much work it takes to do a project like this…


    1. Jon Post author

      Well, fatal had bought the same thing and it didn’t work for him. He also pointed out the fact that MonoPrice lists their highest rated reviews first, so their poor reviews are all at the bottom and there were a lot of them for this device. I do wish I had at least tested it out, but once I found that I actually had a 25ft HDMI cable, I just went with it.

      Overall, I suppose it does add up to a good amount of work, but it went pretty quickly. The biggest problem is all the little things you need to do that you didn’t think of!


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