Busy Week/End.

By | March 21, 2008

We were supposed to begin painting the entire insides of our house today, but we’ve postponed it until Monday. It’s made for a busy last couple of days and the weekend won’t get any better.

Yesterday was spent taking down and cleaning two 30g fish tanks, unhooking my entire living room entertainment center and moving a couple of bedrooms-worth of furniture to different rooms in the house. Today, I’m sore.

The good news is that it is going to allow me to do a much-needed cleanup of the mess of wires that was behind my entertainment cabinet. After disconnecting everything, I took some mesh sheathing I had lying around and bundled my speaker, video and power cables into three separate bundles. All that’s left is to get a double-gang box for the hole in my wall so that I can mount the wire management plate. I had cut the hole too large to screw directly to the wall, so hopefully I can fit an outlet box in there somehow to make it usable. Doesn’t really matter since the cabinet covers it anyway.

I still need to figure out what I’m going to do with the switch panel, switches, modem and HDHomeRun in the office though. When I wired the house I used it as the master patch panel and I don’t really want to take down the entire world for a week. Especially since I’ll be living in the basement while they’re there. I guess I can take down what is not going to be used and let them paint around things. I’ll probably tape up the CAT5e jacks myself since I don’t want them removing them and, considering they use spray guns, I don’t want them ruined. I’ll figure it out when that time comes. There’s not very many jacks anyway.

I’ve been spending a lot of time continuing the update of MyMovies to convert everything I have from the custom inputs to the Web Service. For most, it would take a few minutes to do it all in a batch, but I still want to retain my front cover posters instead of the front cover DVD image. Plus, I make a few subtle changes here and there…I’m just picky like that, but I like what I like. I’m almost done though…only around 50 or so titles left (I think).

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