New project for me coming soon (hopefully)…

By | June 29, 2010

So, we have this huge entertainment cabinet in our bedroom that I absolutely hate.  It’s been passed around a bit and while being an expensive piece of furniture, it shows its wear-and-tear and just takes up a ton of room.  There’s probably only 18″ of walking space between the foot of our bed (it’s a very large king) and this thing, so space is at a premium.  Here is a not-to-scale layout of how things are now:

What I want to do is get rid of that thing…plain and simple.  It will probably make its way to our kids’ playroom where it will find a use as a cabinet to a flat screen.  It will actually have more use there as it can hold our bedroom’s 37″ LCD and the doors can be closed when not in use…protecting it from our little ones.  We plan on upgrading to a 42″ sometime in the near future (if all goes well).

Right now, our 37″ sits on top of this monstrous thing with the front and center speakers, the Sony receiver is in the left-hand media cabinet and the HTPC is inside where the TV would normally be.  I want to mount the TV and speakers to the wall and move all the components to the closet, where there is plenty of shelf space already available.

I’ve already spec’ed out everything I need from MonoPrice and it comes out to about $100 shipped.  What I plan to order is:

  • Ultra-slim wall mount for 37″-63″ LCD/Plasma ($17.58)
  • 100ft 16AWG speaker wire since I will be relocating my receiver ($12.01)
  • 50ft 75ohm coax RCA cable to relocate my sub to either behind the bed or a back corner of the bedroom ($5.75)
  • 2×2 speaker wall mount brackets to mount the front, left and center speakers ($9.40)
  • Wireless IR extender to control IR devices in the closet ($20.88)
  • HDMI over CAT5E/CAT6 wall plates for connecting HTPC/future HDMI-capable receiver to TV ($19.06)
  • Few other minor cables for connectivity ($6.16)

Before shipping, I came in under $100, but I do have to get a couple of things from Home Depot/Lowes that will probably add another few bucks (extension cord, gang box and wall cover plate to close up old wiring hole).

I don’t imagine this project taking more than one full day, if I actually get an entire day to work on it.  The hardest part will be dealing with the heat in the attic :\

I hope to order soon and if I do, I’ll be sure to document the whole thing…right here!

6 thoughts on “New project for me coming soon (hopefully)…

  1. Jens

    Nice Project, what website or program did you use to create the sketch of your bedroom?

  2. Josh

    Use this opportunity to ditch IR and move to RF. It’s a world of difference. Even something as simple as one of the Harmony RF devices will do.

    1. Jon Post author

      I’d love to, but the price is a little too high for me still. The IR extender is only $20 and will buy me a little more time, but I do want to go with at least the 880 RF at some point.

  3. Sinjen

    Jon, I’m so glad I waited to tackle this very problem in my own bedroom. I’ve been wanting to do exactly this for a while now, but wasn’t sure how I’d physically be able to move the components away from the TV. I hope it works out great for you, and please do post details when you have them :)


    1. Jon Post author

      I ordered my parts last night and they are set to ship today. With some luck, I’ll get this weekend to make it all happen, so I’ll be sure to have something to post about it next week :)


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