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By | January 2, 2015

So, it’s been a really long time (again) since I’ve posted, and I’m mostly bored and just felt like putting something up here, so, here’s what I’ve been up to as of late.

I just received a new Asus Nexus Player, which is based upon the highly anticipated Android TV platform.  Why I think this is awesome is mostly due to the super-secret Media Browser 3 app that will be coming for it (very early alpha stage right now, but it will be great).  It also is supposed to have CableLabs certification, which means Windows Media Center will no longer be the only thing on the planet capable of tuning in copy-protected channels.  I have an HDHomeRun Prime and while I have no premium content, having a device that can natively tune all the channels and provide a nice EPG (which it does), is awesome.

Today, I have an Amazon Fire TV Stick being delivered.  With the Media Browser 3 Android developer going on hiatus, I don’t know what I’ll ultimately be using this for.  The Android 10ft interface client was never released and that’s what I had been hoping to use it on.  I’m confident it will still eventually show up, but with all the new clients and lack of developers, it may be even longer than I expected.  Oh well…if you’re a developer and need something fun and worthwhile – join the MB3 team!

Finally, yesterday, I replaced the glass and digitizer on my oldest son’s Dell Venue 7 tablet.  It got dropped before Christmas and cracked.  Wasn’t terribly complicated, but I was not expecting the amount of glass dust that exploded from this thing when I started peeling away the broken digitizer.  It was everywhere.  In the end, he had a nice new screen and everything worked, so that’s all that mattered.

Well, that’s it for me.  I may try and hop on here a little more frequently as the Android TV has really made me excited about home theater devices again.

One thought on “Hey, look! It’s a post!

  1. Sinjen

    Glad to see new posts here, even if I’m just now getting to them!



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