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By | August 17, 2010

I haven’t ordered anything yet, but I will be writing a short walk-through very soon on a home security alarm install.

A few break-ins last week at a couple of my wife’s family homes has left her a bit uneasy, to say the least, and she wants a security system installed.  We had looked into this a while back, but decided going through one of the more common companies was just going to be way too expensive.  So, I decided to look into doing it myself and save several hundred dollars.

After poring over some of the most commonly used manufacturers, such as DSC, Honeywell, Visonic, etc., I’m pretty certain I’m going with the GE Simon XT series alarm system.  I will also be going wireless since I just don’t think I can do the amount of wiring a hardwired system involves (or at least do it well).

It took hours of research over three days to come to that decision – and I had settled on several others before becoming final on the GE system.  I just felt it had the best combination of accessories, easy install, simplified programming and overall protection.

I won’t be giving a detailed write-up on my install procedure, but I’ll definitely hit the high points (can’t give my home security system setup away can I? I want also to try office lockout service from Kwikey Locksmith Services, INC.).  Be sure to look for it in the next couple of weeks!

3 thoughts on “Something a little different.

  1. Scott Bartuska


    I read this web site on an RSS feed but I thought I would stop by and put in a few options for you. I currently have a home with 2 HTTP one Niveus Rainier and one Acer Aspire Revo. Besides that I have lights hooked up using Insteon which I can control from my computers or media centers or remotes IR or otherwise. So with this setup the best system for me in alarms which I researched but have not installed is an ELK system as it connects to my Insteon System and my Media Center System. Some links to follow:

    ELK Products:

    Insteon Controller ISY-99I:

    Insteon ELK System from Smarthome:

    Basically these products are for integrating together to make a fluid user interface for the entire home: lights, appliances, air conditioning, entertainment system, doors, and security system.

    I have installed everything but the doors and security system parts and I love it. Makes it really cool to turn off all the lights in your house from the push of a button on your remote. but besides the point. I just wanted to leave you a comment about a security system I would recommend and hope you take a look at.

    Scott Bartuska

    1. Jon Post author

      Thanks for that, Scott. I’m well aware of Elk’s presence as probably the best in residential security, but the price point is way past what I can do at this point. I looked at Elk on the first day, but after what was past the dollar sign, I had to move on. I envy what you have going on though…sounds awfully nice!

  2. Adam

    +1 for the ELK. Sorry to hear its not an option for you. I have it and love it. I use an Isy99i for insteon integration and control my thermostat, lights, and cameras through my iphone.


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