Home Automation With X10.

By | April 3, 2008

I haven’t purchased yet, but I did settle on a home automation choice and decided to go with some X10 devices. They’re just the cheapest available while also providing just what I want to go with at this point in time. I can also expand well with them.

I decided to go with:

2 x Wall switch modules (WS467)

4 x SuperSocket receptacle module (SR227)

2 x IR mini-controller (IR543-S)

1 x Universal module (UM506-S)

My total came to about $139 and should take care of my initial needs for two rooms. Plus, the universal module will give me the capability of opening and closing my garage door from the den or bedroom.

The painters have pretty much finished our house, minus the garage, rear deck stain and another pass on our son’s room. I started moving things back into place yesterday evening and am trying to get the fish tanks back into place. I’ve had about 30-35 fish die since moving them. Hopefully I can get the temp tank with problem transplanted this evening. I’ve got to pick up a new tank heater on my lunch break due to a freak break in one yesterday. I think the water level was too low and it weakened the glass. Snapped right in two.

I’m taking Friday off of work so that I can have a long weekend to get the house in some sort of order to move back in. It sucks being out of your own home…especially when it’s longer than you expected. My wife and son won’t probably go back when I do because of the lingering fumes (she’s pregnant and my boy is only 2), but I don’t really smell anything. I’ve got a good air filter I can put in by the bed anyway.

Anyway, I’ll probably order within the next week or so and I’ll be sure to document my experiences (i.e. Harmony setup) along the way. Stay tuned.

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