Home Automation Considerations.

By | March 28, 2008

Lately, while our house has been pretty much off-limits due to the painting, I’ve been doing more thinking of possible future projects. There are plenty of things I could do to improve my Home Theater system(s), but I’m being practical. What would make things more convenient while also being useful? Have you herd about theĀ best wireless doorbells? What I mean is that while you could go out and spend X amount of dollars on the next cool technology, it doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t actually server your needs. I simply want to compliment what I have already done, while providing myself with future upgrade/expansion potential.

What came to mind was home automation. I’m not thinking big here, simply becaue there is only so much of it that would prove useful to me at this point in time. One thing I’d really like to have is the ability to control the lighting in my bedroom with the Harmony 670 I have. I’ve looked into the X10 line of products and it appears to do what I want, with the right combination of devices. A standard package looks to provide a little more than I’d even initially want. The only downside is the additional IR>RF bridge I would need since my Harmony remotes are both IR. Good news is that they are pretty inexpensive.

I’ll have to do some more research before I feel comfortable in going this route, however. X10 has been around a while, but I keep discovering reason to believe they aren’t the most reliable devices in the world. I don’t need the best, but I’m not buying junk either.

Please leave any comments or suggestions you may have regarding home automation products. I’d like some feedback on your experiences.

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