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file2folder GUI is my Visual Basic .Net learning project.  I’m not a programmer, but have wanted to learn for years.  I was a CS student back in the early 90s, but took to systems and network administration instead, so I never really learned to code aside from batch scripting.

The file2folder batch script I wrote has been made very popular due the huge following of the Media Browser Media Center plugin.  Since it requires each movie to exist in its own folder by movie name, the script has been widely used to automatically create and move movie files into that required structure without having to do it manually.  However, DOS commands have their limitations as do any console programs.  That’s what led me to try my hand at giving file2folder a GUI, as well as some additional, but very useful, features.


You can track the current status at the file2folder GUI Google Code site.  Please submit any bug reports and/or feature requests there.  The latest download can be found in the Downloads section.

I’d eventually like to tie it into this site, but WordPress doesn’t have any issue tracking plugins.



  • Added undo feature (thanks fatal!)
  • Added Save log option
  • Added option to open directory after moving
  • Added option to close program after moving
  • Implemented exclude for hidden and system files


  • Initial release

One thought on “file2folder GUI

  1. Doug Steinschneider

    When you shared your dos batch file to create folders for each file you warned not to run it on a network share. Does that warning stand for file2foldergui.exe?



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