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February 12, 2010Jon 12 Comments


  1. john blanker says:

    Huge thanks! No more empty faces! A bit of a resource hog. Tough time opening and extracting. I will try on my home pc or with 7-zip.

    • Jon says:

      Yeh, not much I can do about that. There’s just so many folders and files to extract…it’s going to take a few minutes. It’s not even compressed that much (JPG compression is already pretty high).

      • john blanker says:

        dude, no worries, was just wondering if it was my pc or not. Thanks again for offering this free and for all the hard work. I put a shout out for you over at the green button, hope you don’t mind. This is terrific!

  2. vasia says:

    Thanksssss… No more empty faces!

  3. Ellis says:

    I was a bit disappointed at this actually.
    I thought it would eliminate pretty much all my empty faces, leaving the odd one or two behind. Instead, it seems to have filled in about half of them, even after I’ve deleted the silly ones like “shopkeeper” and so on.

    I guess what I was hoping for was kind of unrealistic but I ended up spending about two hours filling in all the faces of the major actors in the entire American Pie series. I haven’t bothered with the rest of my films yet; 7 films took long enough.

    • Jon says:

      Not unrealistic…I would call it closer to impossible. The number of actors/actresses/directors in the IMDB actor database runs close to, or over, one million persons. There is a little over 14,500 in this pack. You gave up after 2 hours…the contributors of this project spent 8 months towards your “disappointment”. If it sounds as though I’m taking offense to your comment, well, I am. I’m sure those that spent many hours to provide this pack would appreciate your declaration of disappointment as well.

      • Arnar says:

        I have added a few actors to my database myself. How can I contribute to the packages?

        • Jon says:

          I will begin taking new actor package submissions in a few weeks. Right now, I’m taking a break from all of this. Make sure to check back once in a while as I’ll make a new announcement that the project is resuming. Thanks!

  4. momo says:

    Jon…thanks for you work. As you can tell, people like Ellis have no thoughtful appreciation for all the work that goes into this. I have actor submissions i will submit also when you are ready. Need to find a way so that people who get free stuff and then complain about it dont benefit. Enoy your deserve it!

  5. ehgeahrev says:

    tx a lot guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ellis … never mind …

  6. cijah says:

    thank you very much – its taken me 6months to put together 3000 faces – and they are just about all covered with this file – great initiative and thank you all for the efforts you have pot in!

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