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Please use the menu above to access the downloads sections for their respective ImagesByName categories.

The ImagesByName Project is currently closed.  The application no longer works due to the site move.  I will provide an update as soon as possible.


Bronze Bronze = 3 to 5 completed packages

Silver Silver = 6 to 11 completed packages

Gold Gold = 12+ completed packages

NameContributionPackages Submitted
SinjenSpecial thanks for providing a hosting mirror for the project. Also a contributing actor image editor.N/A
Stijn H.Special thanks for providing a hosting mirror for the project. Also a contributing actor image editor.1
Jens AnderssonSpecial thanks for providing a hosting mirror for the project.N/A
Philip BathContributing actor image editor.2
MattPeople package image contributor. Contributing actor image editor.14 Gold
Bill W.People package image contributor.N/A
XzenerIcons package creation.N/A
Jcalton88Icons package creation.N/A
TikufYear icons package creation.N/A
SettingsunGenre icons package creation.N/A
ShidojinContributing actor image editor.5 Bronze
RominatorColor Studio icons package creation.N/A
DracorusContributing actor image editor.8 Silver
James971Icons package creation.N/A
TylorIcon package creation. Contributing actor image editor.12 Gold
RedshirtContributing actor image editor.3 Bronze
OverseerContributing actor image editor.2
StenoContributing actor image editor.2
Me23Icon package creation. Contributing actor image editor.5 Bronze
Martin P.Contributing actor image editor.4 Bronze
AusToonzContributing actor image editor.1
DemonSeedIcon package creation.N/A
Big Arrick SonIcon package creation.N/A
Ryan WillsContributing actor image editor.2
Stu_CIcon package creation.N/A
Terry (techols)Icon package creation. Contributing actor image editor.7 Bronze
Paul GriffithContributing actor image editor.6 Silver
MichelContributing actor image editor.1
BirkoffContributing actor image editor.6 Silver
Benjamin AndersonContributing actor image editor.3 Bronze
MrWebSmithContributing actor image editor.1
CalanContributing actor image editor.1
Blade_005Contributing actor image editor.13 Gold
MigmacContributing actor image editor.42 Gold
BlazeContributing actor image editor. Bronze
ShaolinContributing actor image editor.2
Kieran45Contributing actor image editor.1

Total PackagesPackages CompletedImages EditedRemaining PackagesRemaining Images

The ImagesByName People Project is closed until further notice. If you have already joined and have the application, it is not currently functional due to the recent host change with It will be fixed and an update will be provided as soon as possible. Thank you for your contributions!

Join the ImagesByName (People) Project

This project’s focus is to collect, edit and then redistribute actor images in a standardized resolution and aspect ratio for the best possible quality when viewing within Media Browser.  Download the new ImagesByName People Project Uploader application here, then fill out the signup form below.  Instructions for using the application can be found here.  Please submit all feature requests and bug reports at the Google Code bug tracker.

You must complete the form to receive your password to unlock the application!

20 thoughts on “Collaborative ImagesByName Project

  1. Sinjen

    You’ve been busy. I’m not sure you or I either one got much “real” work done today :P

  2. Jon Post author

    lol yeh. I put in the download monitor and it also automatically chooses a random download location for every file requested, so transfers will be spread out evenly amongst mine and your mirrors…it’s seamless to those downloading. I decided to do that when I took notice how many downloads were actually taking place…I transferred nearly 2GB in the first hour. I’m still going to redo the ‘look’ of this page, but wanted to get something in place right away.

  3. Sinjen

    Yep, randomizing the download source was a good idea and download counts help my curiosity for how popular these packages are.


  4. austoonz

    Tried to join this and I’m not sure if it worked… I’ll give it a bit to see if the email comes through and if not I’l try again.

    1. Jon Post author

      haha, I don’t want any part of this disaster :)

      Kidding…I think my name is on enough around here.

  5. James Alton

    I hope people enjoy the icon pack. As I said on the forum thread, I haven’t updated the pack with the newer icons yet and haven’t had time to finish the pack. I work retail distribution so its been busy lately. Will hopefully be finishing up with the basic pack soon.

  6. James Alton

    How rude of me, also, thanks a lot to Jon for providing the space and organization for this. It will be a great help to us(contributors) as well as users to be able to have a one stop shop for our IBN needs, :-)

  7. Xzener

    Thanks for allowing us (graphic artists of the MediaBrowser Community) to have another way of getting our work to the HTPC community. Jon, your the man. Love the site, keep up the great work your doing here.

    1. Jon Post author

      I only host them…I don’t have any control over what’s in them. I’ll let him know, if he doesn’t already though. Thanks!

      I just checked this pack and it does include 1995.

  8. tylor

    Hi Jon,

    With the change in IBN CIP menu’s I don’t seem to be able to view the overall progress. It would be nice to keep this visible in my opinion.


    1. Jon Post author

      Oversight on my part in not keeping it there…I removed more tables than I meant to.

  9. Redshirt

    I think Migmac deserves a Platinum medal for his efforts

      1. migmac

        Thanks, but don’t mind about this. I am happy to help to this great community and project.


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