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Registry edits, guides, XML hacks, and other tricks of the HTPC trade.

Adjust Media Center overscan.

Sometimes I post things for my own reference since I have a hard time finding them again when I need them.  This is one of those things.  There are some very useful registry settings that are not configurable anywhere in the Media Center interface, but could make or break your user experience if needed.

Optimizing images for Media Browser caching.

As Media Browser continues to get better and better, I seem to be falling behind the curve in performance.  My caching performance continues to take a hit as my collection grows and I’m at the point now where I have to actively be involved in completing my cache if I have to start fresh.

Finally! Native resolution with the 9300 and my Hannspree HDTV.

A couple of months ago, I upgraded my bedroom HTPC with a new ITX system using a Zotac GF9300-G-E motherboard.  Everything worked out fine except there was some terrible display issues when using my Hannspree XV37’s native resolution of 1360×768.  It just had no color and looked really washed out.  I tried just about everything more »

My codec guide for Windows 7 Media Center.

While not totally inclusive, I decided to document my current codec guide for playing everything I have in my media library in Windows 7 Media Center using Media Browser.  I emphasize “current” because it does change from time-to-time.  I won’t get into that, however.  There are codec “packs” out there that simplify this process for more »