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Monkeyin' around

I hope everyone had a good holiday period, whether you celebrate anything during them or not.  I had a pretty good time, minus three kids and myself catching the flu at Christmas.  That kind of sucked, but we lived.  I got a few new things, more »

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Nice salvage from work.


We had a whole boatload of old systems go to salvage this past week from work.  I passed on all of it except for one thing -  a case.  At some point before we went standardized Dell, my boss purchased a custom AMD system from more »

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Just what I always wanted.

I just placed a couple of orders via Amazon and Monoprice for items I will need for the upcoming move.  I settled on a new receiver, wiring and other general networking needs.  However, none of that excites me like the power tool I purchased to more »

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