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Movie reviews (5-2-11)

It was a busy past week for me, but I squeezed in a few movies over the weekend.  My wife finishes school today (last final), so I may get to start seeing more soon.  Then again, we’re slated to move this month, so that will more »

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A few Green Lantern stills.


There were a few movie stills released before the holiday weekend for this summer’s release of the Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.  The Green Lantern was my favorite superhero growing up and I’m sorry, but Warner Bros. is totally going to more »

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Movie reviews (4-25-11)

Once again, I’ve compiled a few short reviews for what I’ve watched since the last time.  As usual, there won’t be a whole lot, but things are going to start picking up in a couple of weeks.  My wife decided to take the summer off more »

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Movie reviews (4-18-11)

Although I’ve been busy replacing HTPCs over the past few weeks, I’ve unfortunately not been able to use them all that much.  I’ve caught some TV over the past couple of weeks or so, but not much on the movie front.  Here’s a rundown of more »

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