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IBN Project will resume soon.

I’m only making this post because I’m bored and haven’t really had anything else to write about for a few days.  However, I did resume working on the ImagesByName Project Uploader that will be handling new cast and crew member submissions when the project officially more »

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My first Media Browser plugin.

Out of pure curiosity, I decided to try my hand at developing a plugin for Media Browser.  I figured I’d start with what I knew and that was the ImagesByName People Project. So today, I released the IBN People Provider plugin for Media Browser.  It’s more »

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ImagesByName People wave one complete!

The last package was turned in about 4 hours ago and I’ve just finished getting everything set up for a full public release on Friday.  Users of meta<browser> 2.0 will have access to them now via theHTPC.net plugin. I can’t thank the contributors enough for more »

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