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Disable Remote Differential Compression.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a new feature called Remote Differential Compression which allows the enabled clients to synchronize their compression techniques with the server in order to reduce the amount of data that crosses the network.  The problem here is that only Windows Vista and Windows 7 use this in the majority of more »

Slow Share Access With Vista.

Thought I’d share this since I’ve spent the better part of the evening trying to figure this out. Last night MyMovies started becoming unresponsive and browsing the movies share in Video Library was next to impossible. I have no idea what brought this on as this system has proven to be very reliable over the more »

Null Sessions for 2003 Server.

OK, I’ve seen this on countless forums, blogs, and other home theater/network sites and I wanted to get this out to all of you who have not yet experienced the inconvenience of disabled null sessions on Windows 2003 Server when trying to connect to a share with your HTPC. For those that don’t know what more »