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Woe is the Plugin Index.

As if you didn’t notice, I changed to a new theme on the site.  It’s OK.  I’m not unhappy with it, but it appears to have busted my plugin index.  Whatever is in this theme, doesn’t appear to work well with the ratings plugin I embed in the index and causes the table to go more »

I made a bit of a mess of things…

Sorry for the mess, but I’ve grown quite bored of my old Suffusion theme.  I something…more, without having to add more.  Since doing a little work with this theme, I’ve decided I don’t quite like it, but with the weekend here, I sort of have to leave it as-is.  Anyway, this isn’t the site’s final more »

R.I.P. unRAID. Long live unRAID!

When I arrived home from work yesterday, I knew to expect the ginormous box containing my new Norco RPC-470 4U rack mount server case to be sitting in my garage.  Sure enough, it was there.  What I did not expect was the smaller box sitting past it on the steps leading into my house.  I knew more »