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So, what have I been up to?

Four months…give or take.  I didn’t even bother to look at the last time I posted as I know it’s been forever and this site is pretty much used like that old dusty dictionary left high on the shelf for those of you still clinging onto Windows Media Center.  That’s OK…at least it has a more »

Stupid updates.

So, the latest update of the theme I was using apparently broke everything.  Not sure if it’s a specific plugin incompatibility or the theme itself, but other themes work with all plugins enabled, so I blame the theme.  Until it gets fixed, things are going to look uglier than normal.  I don’t have the time more »


Sorry about the downtime.  My VPS host is run by a bunch of retarded sloths.  I can only hope this would be the last time something like this happens, but on the bright side, I’m getting pretty good with recovering this.  I should put it on my resume.

Things may change.

I don’t post a ton and when I do it’s usually in spurts followed by, sometimes long, dry spells.  Well, things are probably going to take a change towards the dry, at least for the short-term, very soon.  You see, this past Friday (Sep. 27th) I put in a 3 week notice of resignation at more »

Woe is the Plugin Index.

As if you didn’t notice, I changed to a new theme on the site.  It’s OK.  I’m not unhappy with it, but it appears to have busted my plugin index.  Whatever is in this theme, doesn’t appear to work well with the ratings plugin I embed in the index and causes the table to go more »