Windows 7 Coming Right Up.

By | December 3, 2008

I’m a bit late to the game compared to many other HTPC/Media Center blog sites, but better late than never – right?  I’m referring to writeup on the next operating system offering from Microsoft, now known as Windows 7.

From what I’ve seen, Windows 7 doesn’t stray far from its Vista predecessor, but enhances(?) some of the core functionality of the operating system itself.  HomeGroup is one such enhancement that simplifies home network sharing for multiple systems.  Shell enhancements (PowerShell), a new taskbar (with jump lists), multi-touch support and more are in store for those wishing to move on to this “incremental upgrade”, as Microsoft puts it.

Anyway, I’ve just finished installing it as a virtual machine on Virtual PC 2007 as I type this, so after I get to play around for a bit, I’ll make a new post or two.  I won’t get to experience all the functionality due to it being a VM, but I should at least get to show off a little of what to expect.  Stay tuned!

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