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By | April 14, 2011

SEOI do my best to try and keep up with SEO techniques and whatnot.  Afterall, it’s hard to come up with new material to write about when your ad revenue is rock bottom.  So, one of the only ways to get revenue, is to get readers.  Of course, writing good content is #1 on the list, but all those little backend tricks come into play also.  To make things short, the Plugin Index is this site’s ol’ faithful, so I had to make some changes on it to improve the way search engines view how well things work here, which includes adding a better design to the site with the help of a web design company online.

Basically, Google changed the way it scores sites recently and is taking a hit.  Using Google’s Webmaster Tools, I came to find that the Plugin Index was averaging nearly 12 seconds to load, according to Google’s crawlers!  This is a dramatic hit on the new algorithm as site performance is now getting much more weight.

Index navigation


Anyway, what I have done is cut up the long tabled list of Media Center Plugins according to plugin category and given them each their own individual page.  For navigating these pages, I removed the old table of links for each page and included each page in the primary navigation bar at the top under Plugin Index.  All of the other related application pages are also listed there.  I have also been forced to delete all comments associated with the original page.  The gravatar images were really dragging it down, so it had to go.  Many were requests to have plugins/apps added, which I have a submission form for, so they were unnecessary.  For those of you leaving comments of thanks, they may be gone, but I promise they are not forgotten – thank you!  Trackbacks and pingbacks will remain and are still enabled.

It may not have been as convenient as the old single page method, but it was a necessary evil.  I personally think it’s a little easier navigating now, even if having it all in your face was a little nice, in some respects.

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