R.I.P. unRAID. Long live unRAID!

By | December 7, 2012

When I arrived home from work yesterday, I knew to expect the ginormous box containing my new Norco RPC-470 4U rack mount server case to be sitting in my garage.  Sure enough, it was there.  What I did not expect was the smaller box sitting past it on the steps leading into my house.  I knew what it had to be and while I’ve never been a school girl, the feelings of associated giddiness set in.

Core components boxMy back has been killing me, so I let the compact car-sized Norco box sit in the garage and took the smaller one in.  Sure enough, it was my motherboard, CPU, and memory ordered from SuperBiiz.com.  I hadn’t really kept up with the expected delivery date on this stuff, but I sure didn’t expect it so soon.  Not complaining at all…I’m thrilled I get to do this a week earlier than I thought.

Norco double-boxedI eventually dragged the Norco box in also.  While cracking that box open I found it to be double-boxed and packed quite well.  It is a very bare server including the case, a small box with the necessary screws and keys, and that’s pretty much it.  No instruction manual or anything else.  Doesn’t matter…I throw most of the crap in a box, never to be seen again anyway.  The case is huge.  Much larger than I even expected.  Very heavy.  Very solidly constructed.  It will certainly withstand the coming zombie apocalypse in a couple of weeks.

Transplant organsAnd so, there it all is (to the right).  Core components along with the new home for them.  The only thing not in the picture is the SuperMicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 8-port SATA card, which I was too lazy to go get.  Stairs are not a bad back’s best friend, OK?  Today, during lunch, I’ll be heading out to my local MicroCenter to pick up a Corsair CX600 Builder Series 600W power supply.  What I have now is decent, but it does not have a strong single rail +12v like this Corsair does.  Since all drives will be moved internally, I’ve got to have one.  I’ll also ordered a couple of 80mm case fans as the Norco did not include the two for the rear exhaust (it did include 4 x 80mm system fans though).  I’ll put those in later after they arrive.

My wife has to work tonight, so I’m hoping to get my two youngest to bed early.  Once they’re asleep, I can get started on moving the drives into the new case.  I can get the entire server built, minus the drive cages, while they’re watching their bedtime shows.  My oldest will be content playing his PSP while I bring unRAID online.  I’ll be sure to try and take plenty of pics and have a post on how everything went over the weekend – Monday at the latest.  See you then!

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