Moving – house, not site.

By | October 1, 2012

Some time ago, I mentioned having to move.  At the time, it was fortunate that it did not take place, as I didn’t really want to move.  However, after a bit more than a year, it appears we will be moving again, after all.  It will be to the same place – next door, so not a huge step, but after being in a 6-bedroom house for 5 years, it’s quite intimidating to look at all the crap that has to be shuffled around.

Anyway, as I said in the older post, it will give me plenty to write about as the entire house will require preparations for convergence.  I will do my best to document as much as possible along the way.  Much of it will be redundant, but at least it will be new.

2 thoughts on “Moving – house, not site.

  1. Sinjen

    This can only be entertaining…*grabs the popcorn* :)

    Good Luck Jon!


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