Just taking a break.

By | March 5, 2011

Break time.So, everything is moved and running great except for one problem, I know, there’s not been anything posted since.  Well, I needed a break.  Dealing with the problems with the previous host and getting everything moved under a deadline has been kind of stressful when it’s normally fun for me.  I hope to have some things to write about real soon as I’ve emailed a few manufacturers for some hardware to review.  We’ll see how that turns out.  I’m also interested in purchasing an Apple TV or Netgear NeoTV 550.  I just want to wait and see what kind of bites I get on the manufacturers first.

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3 thoughts on “Just taking a break.

  1. Hernando

    Hey Jon,

    The past couple weeks I have been playing with an Apple TV… I hate to say that I have now completely moved away from Windows Media Center and Media Browser and focused on XBMC. XBMC is a tough nut to crack, but once you “get” in, it is awesome. Apple TV runs very very nicely with XBMC…(only con is 720 only, but for $99…) now with unRAID, running SABNZBD, Sickbeard and Couch potato, with a centralized MySQL database library, you cannot imagine how easy and automated the whole thing is. Painful to set up, but a treat once its done. I created a HowTo tutorial how to do this on the unRAID forum.

    My Atom Ion HTPC was such a painful experience running Win7 and MB. I installed XBMC Live, and it runs like a speed demon… It is a dream, compared to Win7.

    Now I have no need for any Download Managers, Metadata Scraping, file renaming, or file2foder applications. Media I get, simply shows up in my HTPC. Do you want to see what is in my media library, checkout Sharethe.tv web site… I cannot tell you how cool this is.

    If interested, I will be very happy to help. PM me on the unRAID forum (hernandito).

    1. Jon Post author

      Thanks Hernando, I’ve really tried to give XBMC a chance as I’ve wanted to get an Apple TV also, but I just can’t seem to get past a few things to get one. XBMC just seems totally alien to me in how it structures things for display. There just appears to be way too much work involved for me to do simple things like box sets and individual top-level entry points for how I like my media presented. The $99 price point is unbelievable, but I think I would be making it up in time and frustration. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with a NeoTV 550. So far, it appears to support everything I’m looking for out-of-the-box. I know it has its own set of issues, but I’m sure they will be resolved as time moves along. I may just contact you for help with it though…I’m still very interested in getting it going and finding out where my hangups are originating from.

      1. Hernando

        This is true, XBMC entry points are Movies, TV, Music…And for the most part, everything has to fall under those categories. You can browse by your Sources like you can with MB, but it feels more like navigating computer paths… For me, these categories fit 98% of what I want to do. One thing that is not there are Music Concerts, which end up in Movies library. TMDB now has these so they scrape fine.

        Once I am in Movie library, I am content to just see all my movies in a wall display. This was the same case in MB.

        I will read up on custom entry points… but you have a big point.



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