Important updates go out to WD TV Live Plus and Hub.

By | April 15, 2011

WDI’m only passing this along because I halfway keep up with the WDTV Live line of streaming media players.  At the prices they come in at (Live Plus at $89.99 and Live Hub at $179.00), they are becoming increasingly tempting to me for a spare room or replacement for my my kids’ HTPC.  A nice update was released for them this week.

On Tuesday, Western Digital announced the new update for the two devices and it includes some important bug fixes and new functionality.  Among those being the new Netflix interface (now supported in Canada) and better Dolby Digital audio support.

The full release notes with upgrade instructions for the WD TV Live Hub are here.  Read them for the WD TV Live Plus here.

I so want to pick up  a Live Plus, but I know I’d want to start venturing into the movie sheets for it and it just looks like a total nightmare to me.

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2 thoughts on “Important updates go out to WD TV Live Plus and Hub.

  1. havix

    My brother just go the WD Live Plus and it works pretty darn well with locally attached media files. Unfortunately I spent about an hour and half trying to get it to see network shares with success. After searching online it seems like an issue a rather large amount of people have.

    I recently switched from a full XBMC setup to a Boxee Box. I have been a die hard HTPC user for the last 11-12 years all the way back to using a Hollywood DVD decoder card hooked up to 27-inch CRT with a pair of Klipsch Promedia speakers. With a kid on the way I new I wanted to simplify my configuration and the Boxee Box has done that. I now have a tiny RF remote and the little Boxee Box that I’m hiding behind the couch and I’m actually using the wifi as well rather successfully.. The backend like I’ve discussed before with you is Unraid and pairs rather well. I have some complaints about the BB being a little slow and for some reason it hangs if I leave it running overnight which now I just shut if off when I’m done with it. If you are looking for something close to HTPC capabilities look no further than a Boxee Box.

    1. Jon Post author

      I will own a Boxee in the near future, I’m just waiting for them to mature a little more. I already fuss with my HTPCs more than I want (and it’s actually not that often), but I’m just not ready to add an additional tinker toy to the mix. The only real attraction to the Live Plus for me is the price. $90 is just hard to beat.


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