I just missed this place too much.

By | July 2, 2012

Missed you!Well, after fretting over it for months and attempting another site to curb my appetite to share my worthless banter, I spent more than just a few minutes on trying to salvage a database backup for this site.  As you can see, I found one.  BOOOYAH BIATCH!

When the site was first lost, I did look and try to find a way to recover it, but a recent database was nowhere to be found.  I had the entire directory structure, but the database I used during the move was captured at home and the system it resided on had a failed drive I replaced.  BLAHBLAH…it was gone – you get the idea.  At the time, I was disheartened and really had very little time to post new material anyway, so I just couldn’t allow myself to be bother by it.  However, after a few months and a dormant VPS, I got the bug again and decided on a new startup site – CheapCritic.com.  This is a site where I spun off the movie reviews I did here on occasion.  Unfortunately, it’s a little depressing starting a new site after you had one that built a bit of an audience…mainly because no one comes.

Long story, short – theHTPC.net is back.  I don’t know how often I’ll write, but I will write.  Stuff is probably broken and some links may lead nowhere, but such is life.  If you come across something that just doesn’t work or look right, let me know about it…I’ll take a look and I might even fix it.

10 thoughts on “I just missed this place too much.

  1. chooch

    Thanks so much for coming back Jon. I checked the site everyday with hopes you would return and figured I was just wasting my time. This website is great because I don’t have time to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest things in HTPC’s and always enjoyed being able to come here for that information. Even if it’s small things like letting us know the newest version of Unraid / MediaBrowser/ Metabrowser is released and what changed.

  2. lithium630

    Welcome back. I also checked frequently just to see the site came back.

  3. William

    Glad to see you back. Never took the site off my RSS feed.


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