The final portion of my bedroom project is at hand.

By | August 27, 2010

SpeakerI’ve decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on the remaining part of my bedroom project and get the in-wall front and center speakers from MonoPrice.  I did a little eye-balling on the stud placement and I believe the center channel speaker will line up without any notching.  I might have to Dremel away some of the speaker to get it to fit, but I’ve read that is an option without compromising anything in how secure it is once in the wall.

My only obstacle now is finding out if the 52″ Samsung will overlap the speakers once I am able to put it in.  I’m going to have to measure it and see how it will fall into place with the speakers I plan on buying.  I want to go with the 8″ fronts, but they have a 10″ footprint width.  If that Samsung overlaps, I may have to go on the other side of the stud and that’s going to look a little strange with the 37″ I have now.  I will go with the same 6.5″ speakers I used as my rear left and right surrounds if I absolutely have to, but I think they will be too small for front channels.  This is the center channel speaker and since the stud space is slightly off-center, I should have at least 4 mount locks to hold it in place if I have to cut out two corner ones to make it fit without notching.  That will work fine.

Once I get home this evening, I’ll break the tape measure out and I’ll know for sure what I’m getting.  The only thing left is to get a sample of the wall paint we used…the speakers I hung marked them up pretty bad.  Plus I think I’ll have a few mounting screw holes to patch up.


I measured it out and I am going with the 8″ FRL speakers.  I also realize I am going to have to notch a stud for the center channel, but I’m pretty sure I can do it easily without causing any problems if it’s load-bearing.  I went ahead and order it all Friday afternoon, so I’m hoping it will arrive before next weekend.  I doubt it since the last shipment took so long, but we’ll see.

6 thoughts on “The final portion of my bedroom project is at hand.

  1. Jeff

    Thanks for this post. I’m currently building an addition on my house and our master bedroom is the top floor. I’ll be using your speakers for mine as well. What do you use for you audio receiver?

    Thanks for the great posts. I really enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Jon Post author

      Thanks. For the bedroom I have an older Sony STR-DE895, which is a 6.1 channel receiver. No HDMI, but it still serves me well.

  2. DamianP


    Thanks for sharing. Hopefully next year I will be doing this in my bedroom. I currently have a Pioneer VSX94 AVR in my bedroom set up in 2.1 (some bargain Polk bookshelf speakers/subwoofer I got off of newegg). I want to get a new tv to mount on the wall, and then go 5.1 (was thinking 7.1 but probably just overkill for a bedroom) with all the speakers in the wall. I would probably put the front and center speakers in the wall and the rears in the ceiling. First, I just need my wife to decide how she wants the room laid out because if she wants the tv moved to another wall in the room that means I will need to movie the wiring (COAX and cat6) as well.

    1. Jon Post author

      Mine was a little disappointed to find later that all I had done had locked us into a specific bedroom layout. We really could have only swapped walls, but that would have had me fishing wires through external house walls and insulation gets in the way :) She’s accepted our bedroom’s fate rather well. I agree…5.1 is plenty good enough for the bedroom. That Sony in mine is just recycled from living room duty or that’s all I would have bought also.

        1. Jon Post author

          I looked into that when purchasing as an option later, but after reading several threads that referenced them, I think I’ll pass. Most of those that purchased them ended up having to enclose them to get any good bass out of them and that required installing them in the ceiling. While I could do that, I’d imagine that would resonate through the rest of my upstairs and I don’t want to get into that. On the other hand, I don’t need bone rattling bass in my bedroom, so it may offer just the right amount of punch while saving space. The 10″ they sell has decent reviews


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