Both sites moved to ChicagoVPS server.

By | July 17, 2012

After fighting over the last couple of days of my vacation, the entire weekend and most of my workday today, I finally figured out what was causing many of my WordPress plugins to malfunction, hanging up the complete migration of either of my sites.  Many WordPress plugins that rely on external APIs use cURL to do whatever they do with those APIs and I just could not get cURL to work, even though it was installed and active on my new VPS.  I’m a Linux idiot and a programming imbecile, so figuring out how to fix it was like a landmark in history for me.

My craptastic old VPS provider,, did not have any disable_functions specified in their php.ini, which allowed everything you want to install for WordPress just work. Well, this is apparently not very secure and makes Webserver admins buttholes pucker, but I’m by myself here and no one accesses my server, so I trust myself.  However, disables all kinds of stuff in their default PHP compile and they implement a disabling of curl_exec, which I needed.  Unfortunately, it seems like when you start adding domains to a Linux LAMP setup, a bazillion php.ini files are spawned all over the place and all of mine always had curl_exec disabled.  So, in one last-ditched effort, I decided to reinstall CENTOS 5, for the 3405923405th time, setup Kloxo again, and then nuke that curl_exec entry in the only php.ini file that existed on the system before I did anything else with it.  That worked.  Suck it, Linux.  I win. was the first site to get going and it went up so well after that stupid little fix, I decided to do this one as soon as I got home.  This new VPS rocks…the backend seems much more responsive to me and I hope browsing is much better for you.

Here is a snap of the current system usage with both sites plugging away with their excessively bloated WordPress installs – not even breaking a sweat.

VPS Usage

I also ran this completely worthless benchmark so you can see some cool numbers that mean almost nothing to me.

New VPS benchmark

For comparison’s sake, here’s the same bench run on my old VPS…

Old VPS benchmark

So as you can see, my new VPS has much bigger numbers than my old VPS.  Bigger numbers = win.

Now that all of this crap is done, I can get to writing some new articles about something we all care about…like maybe a guide to RipBot264 distributed encoding?Ripbot264 Distributed Encoding


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